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The Week (so far) in Book Purchases
July 12, 2011, 5:41 am
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Under the cut~

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The (last) week in book purchases
January 21, 2011, 2:04 am
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a stack of six

six on the table. they might stay there for lack of bookshelf space

(Flash idea for future post: The places where I get my books)

These new acquisitions were sourced from the wonderful Jaymee‘s vast collection. I think her pre-Ondoy collection could rival Blooey‘s. She’s an instructor at the University of Santo Tomas, teaching Continental Literature in our old college, Arts and Letters. A cool and all-around awesome person. Be in fear of her intellect, people ^^

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Snapeday! + The day in book purchases
January 9, 2011, 3:37 am
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I was aware that people celebrate in-book events like a character’s birthday and such, but I haven’t heard about people here in the Philippines doing such.

Clearly, I wasn’t hanging around with the right kind of people.

I attended my first in-book event/celebration earlier, heralded by a Facebook invitation that invited me to go to Snapeday, spearheaded by the seemingly indefatigable Blooey. The venue? The well-loved Libreria Bookstore (easily my now-favorite place to hang out). Me, Ruby and Marianne (Len had to go home early 😦 ) got there just as things were starting. There was food, cake (CAKE!), libations (Potions! :3 ), excellent company and a quiz where we got sorted into our houses (Marianne got into Hufflepuff, Ruby was in Gryffindor and I landed in Ravenclaw) and answered all sorts of HP and non-HP-related questions. We got second place! ^__^ Kudos to Blooey and her sister for assembling a great bunch of questions for us to mull over (I’m still lol-ing over Bert = Snape XD ).
A few pics of that and more under the cut
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