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[ still reading ] Alan Lightman’s Einstein’s Dreams
May 16, 2012, 11:58 pm
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In the ten months since I’ve been here, a job happened. (it’s still happening, thankfully) But I’m still pretty much around books and authors, so the love affair continues ^^
I could take pictures of the books I’ve bought since then, but I think it’s time that I go and post an actual documentation of a book that I’ve read, or still reading, as the case is.

I… don’t dare to call it a review. This will be a blog that shall chronicle the stuff I read. Mostly books. Hopefully.

Einstein's Dreams

This is actually a friend’s copy of the book. I hope she doesn’t mind that I hang on to it for a while.

It’s described in Goodreads as “modern classic;” a small, slim book that documents Albert Einstein’s dreams as a young patent clerk before he finishes the equation for his theory of relativity. Each chapter is a dated dream, each dream is a spin on time and how it could act differently in the same place. (all dreams are set in Berne, Switzerland) It is very similar to Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities. The language is simple and clear, but the ideas that are presented will make you ruminate long after you’ve read them.

I’m on page 117 right now, will post all my thoughts when I’m through with the whole thing.


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heya Karen, so nice to see your (book) blog! 🙂

Comment by Jaymee

a;lsdkfja whoa, that was fast.
My mind and words are rusty, unfortunately. An editor would have a field day with me. Oops, there, spotted something I’d like to change xP
But thanks for being here ^^ Hope you stick around.

Comment by innocentlyjaded

of course! keep those words coming!

Comment by Jaymee

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