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Snapeday! + The day in book purchases
January 9, 2011, 3:37 am
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I was aware that people celebrate in-book events like a character’s birthday and such, but I haven’t heard about people here in the Philippines doing such.

Clearly, I wasn’t hanging around with the right kind of people.

I attended my first in-book event/celebration earlier, heralded by a Facebook invitation that invited me to go to Snapeday, spearheaded by the seemingly indefatigable Blooey. The venue? The well-loved Libreria Bookstore (easily my now-favorite place to hang out). Me, Ruby and Marianne (Len had to go home early 😦 ) got there just as things were starting. There was food, cake (CAKE!), libations (Potions! :3 ), excellent company and a quiz where we got sorted into our houses (Marianne got into Hufflepuff, Ruby was in Gryffindor and I landed in Ravenclaw) and answered all sorts of HP and non-HP-related questions. We got second place! ^__^ Kudos to Blooey and her sister for assembling a great bunch of questions for us to mull over (I’m still lol-ing over Bert = Snape XD ).
A few pics of that and more under the cut

the delicious cake

Our trust was in the cake. It was rewarded with its' deliciousness

Which was enjoyed by these two

cake seal of approval

Rowena Ravenclaw might be a bit disappointed in us XD

We got beaten by Gryffindor! XP
All in all, I had a blast with everyone. I got to talk to Ms. Honey again and met new friends (who I’ll meet again on the 22nd for my first official Flips Flipping Pages book meet!).

And of course, since we were in Libreria after all…

calligraphy projects













50 Calligraphy Projects by Janet Mehigan.
Southwater Books. 128 pages. softbound.

Unicorn! *cue "Always"*













The Natural History of Unicorns by Chris Lavers
William Morrow, 258 pages, hardbound with jacket
Marianne and Ruby bought this book to my attention. Quirky!

A sci-fi classic













The Dune Trilogy by Frank Herbert
Gollancz, 912 pages. softbound
This purchase was from Fully Booked, not Libreria. I can say that I was meant to see and buy this volume, because I gave my copy of Dune to my officemate who has spent years looking for a copy. Thank you universe for this volume ^^


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Squee! Cheers to more book adventures

Comment by blooey

Sa susunod talaga, pupunta ako!

Comment by ronreads

Oh! Dianne is my cousin 😀

Comment by blooey

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