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To encourage myself
January 1, 2011, 8:24 pm
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Welcome to my book blog. Caveat lector: I wasn’t able to study about literary theories and story structures (okay, I might’ve, but already forgotten them) and all that stuff that’s *supposed* to make a book blog (a good one, anyway?) very useful on the net, but I’m still going to do my damnedest to blog about what I’m reading. The plan here is to urge myself to read more, I mean really read and not just skim through books like I usually do in the past.

I have a lot of books and most – if not all of them – are in the “to-read” pile. Despite being a self-confessed book lover, I’ve read just a few of them. This blog is to remedy that.

And still a lot of tweaking to do ’round here.

So, hi again and welcome.


the mess of books on my bed

book mess!

This was my bed last December 20, when I finally decided to organize my books once and for all. It took me a whole day to organize them into the 3 bookshelf spaces you see on the headboard, and even then all of it couldn’t fit in there (Pic of arranged shelf to follow). I had 6 spaces to fill though; 3 shelves, a bed side table and a table with some bottom storage.

They’re all arranged now. Sort of. The shelves are 2 books deep. And I think a librarian would have weeped if he/she saw how I “arranged” the books, haha. They’re generally bunched into:


Shelf space 1: reference books. Again, I’m using these definitions very loosely, mind. Some non-fiction in here as well.


Shelf space 2: fantasy and sci-fi books (with horror, and… well, I just lumped!) with some overflow from space 1.


Shelf space 3: fiction books… everything else? >_< And I mean everything else XP


Bedside table: books that I’ve borrowed from others. So I can remember the books I’ve borrowed from others. And return them, eventually.

book piles

Table: pile 1 is for poetry, pile 2 is for comics, pile 3 is for neil gaiman and neil-gaiman related books (why yes, he gets a special division :3), pile 4 is for manga

That’s the majority of my books, but there are still the ones in the other room. I’ll get to those next week, where I’ll finally segregate the ones I want to sell.


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yayyy i shall be a constant visitor! *hugs*

Comment by Jaymee

Hi! I’m Jenny!
Wow! you got a great personal library there!
I’ll add you to my blogroll so I could always coem back here!
Happy Reading!

Comment by leeshinyoung

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